AXEL THIERRY – Interview

photo by Arief Ointoe, courtesy of Ivy Models

Name: Axel Jan Thierry Leijen
Height: 186 cm
Age: 16
Nationality: Indonesia
Instagram: @thierryleijen

Indonesian boy Axel of IVY MODELS is a huge fan of all kinds of music- indie, R&B, deep house… you name it! He is also interested in skateboarding and martial arts, and plans to start taking salsa classes.
Get to know him more!

How did you become a model?
I saw this girl (model) on instagram, stalked her, and asked my mom if it’s a good idea if I try modeling too, she said- why not- so I contacted IVY MODELS through email.

What are your interests apart from modeling?
I love swimming, cooking, playing games with my sisters and listening to music while dreaming.

photo by Arief Ointoe, courtesy of Ivy Models

What should everyone know about you?
I think everyone should know that even though I’m the youngest male model in my agency im still a Man inside me, also if I act cocky everyone should know that it’s just a joke.

What is your favorite place in the world?
Probably New York

What is your biggest motivation in life?
Everything what my dad told me.

photo by Arief Ointoe, courtesy of Ivy Models

How would you like your career to develop in the future?
I just hope everything goes well, maybe I could do more runways or photoshoots for awesome brands, especially Saint Laurent- love their rock star vibe. Maybe also doing something like being a chef in a 5 star hotel that’d be awesome or actually everything that involves art.


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