EMMY CRAMER – Interview

courtesy of BM Model Management

Name: Emmy Cramer
Height: 1.74 cm
Age: 15
Nationality: Dutch
Instagram: @emmycramer

Cute and fun- loving Emmy, a newbie at BM Model Management, is an avid dancer who enjoys all kinds of music- from Beyonce to Martin Garrix, and has a huge passion for traveling.
Still 15 and not signed outside of her homeland of the Netherlands, but once she’s ready to go international, she will definitely dazzle the world with her charm.

How were you discovered?
I was discovered on Instagram by BMMM. They reached out to me and asked if I could step by the agency. From the beginning I was really excited about this new adventure.

courtesy of BM Model Management

What’s your modeling experience been like so far?
I just began, so I haven’t done much of shooting. The shoots that I have done were very nice. Great people, nice locations and at the end, cool photos. I’m just 15 so that is the reason why I haven’t visited any agency’s in other countries. But when I’m older I would like and hope visiting agency’s in and outside Europe.

How do you describe yourself to someone who meets you for the first time?
I’m not scared of meeting new people. So if I have to describe myself, I would say that sometimes I could look a little shy but people who know me well, know that I am not shy at all. You can say that I am a down to earth person. I’m the person who stays realistic in situations. Besides that, I would say that I like to go out with my friends. Have a great time, laugh a lot and help each other with stuff like school.

photos by Yvet van der Naalt, courtesy of BM Model Management

Where would you like to travel for work and why?
I would like to travel to New York. It’s such a big city with a lot of different people.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
In a year I have been graduated from high school. Modelling is still a big part of my life and I hope that I will be travelling the world for it, meet new people and see a lot of the world.

courtesy of BM Model Management

5 random questions:

Are you rather goofy or a serious kind of person? I can be both. It depends on the situation. When I’am with my friends it’s way more difficult to be serious than to be goofy. We are laughing all the time.
Your dream country to visit? I would like to visit Bali with my sister. Because it has such a different culture than the Netherlands. I think that is very impressive to see.
What superpower would you like to have? I wish that I could fly, so I could visit all the places in the world.
Your childhood idol? Justin Bieber.
What do you do for fun? Shopping, go out with my friends and visit cities in The Netherlands. And Make pictures with my sister.


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