Get scouted on instagramLately, instagram has become an extremely powerful social media platform, and is used not only for entertainment purposes and sharing images with the world, but also for the business development, branding, reaching out for customers, spreading the word about various causes & so much more. Modeling agencies have been using it to share the news, promote their models, and find new faces that will grace magazine covers and walk the runways around the world.
In this article, you will find some useful info on how modeling agencies do instagram scouting, DO’s and DON’Ts when reaching out to agencies over instagram, and the best ways to get insta- scouted.

Ultimately, there are three ways to get scouted on instagram:

1. By accident.
2. By #hashtaging your photo with the agencies official hashtag, stated in agencies instagram bio.
3. By submitting your photo to agency via direct message.

1. By accident

It doesn’t happen too often, so good luck with this one. Basically, sometimes an agent/ scout browses upon a „model looking“ person on social media, by accident. It is really a matter of luck, and you can’t affect it in any way, so consider the two options bellow.

2. By #hashtaging your photos

This is possibly the easiest way to get scouted, because the only thing you have to do is to pick one of your best selfies, and hashtag it with an agencies official hashtag. Make sure to have a few more photos of yourself on your profile, so if you trigger agencies interest, they will take a look at your account, see you in different events, angles, have a glimpse at your style and personality.

You should not make a separate account for scouting purposes, but instead hashtag your existing photos, that show the way you look. People who scout for modeling agencies are very experienced, and can spot a potential model bundled up in heavy clothes in the middle of the snowstorm, so don’t worry- they can see your potential even in those ordinary, everyday photos.

An important thing to remember is to always check if the person that reached out to you, after seeing your photos, is a legitimate representative of an agency. You can check this by contacting agency via their official e – mail address (which you may find on their website), but usually a scout that reaches out to you will send you their business e – mail address in order to further communication with you.

Bellow, you can find scouting hashtags of some well known agencies, but since many agencies do instagram scouting, the list is probably not complete. Feel free to write down in comments an official #hashtag you know of, that is missing, and I will add it to the list.

*Note that these are the hashtags that agencies intended for scouting. I did not include the #scoutme #getscouted #becomeamodel… hashtags, nor the hashtags of agencies themselves: #IMGModels #NextModels #WOMENmgmtNY, etc…

#WLYG / IMG Models
#TheLookout / IMG Models Men
#WILLYSCOUTS / Wilhelmina Models
#scoutmetier1mm / Tier1 Model Management
#scoutmechadwick / Chadwick Models
#makememajor / Major Model Management
#LoveEliteMiami / Elite Model Management Miami
#nymmscoutingtour / New York Models
#3mscoutme / 3mm models
#omgscouting / OMG Model Management
#WABDE / Modelwerk
#MWcurvesWanted / Modelwerk Curves
#wescoutusa / LA Models
#lamodelsyouth / LA Models Youth Division
#beAMunichModel / Munich Models
#Models1scout / Models1
#M1CurveScout / Models1 Curve
#SPOTTEDBYMETRO / Metropolitan Models Agency
#newfaze / FAZE Models
#be1scoutme / Be1 Scouting
#M4SCOUTING / M4 Models
#ullascout / Ulla Models
#futurefacesmodels / Future Faces Model Management
#meetthesupremeteam / Supreme Management
#WACR / Creartvt Casting Agency
#TeamNemesis / Nemesis Models
#heffnerscoutme / Heffner Management
#hunterscout / Hunter Model Management
#bestarsystemfamily / Star System
#WeAreGold #TheGoldBagSquad / Dulcedo Management
#NEWGENERATIONSCOUT / New Generation Model Management
#instasuccessboy / Success Models
#becomecjmodel / CJ Models
#scoutmepanache #panachemodelsearch / Panache Management
#citymodels / City Models
#becomeidmodel / iD Model Management
#touchescout / Touché Model Management
#vscouted / Vivien’s Model Management
#lomoface / Louisa Models
#mc2scouting / MC2 Model Management
#GirlsClubScouting / Girls Club Management
#SCOUTMEIMMORTAL / Immortal Models Management
#MSAme / MSA Models
#ScoutMeTRUE / TRUE Model Management
#scoutmeSTATE / State Management
#PickMePlutino / Plutino Models
#Weareonescouting / Weareone Management
#ScoutMeMontage / Montage Models
#ModelPartnerScout / Model Partner
#nologoscoutme / Nologo Mgmt
#mirrrsmuse / MIRR/RS
#spotmemodelsearch / Spot 6 Management
#scoutmefaceparis / The Face Paris
#mekamodelmgmt / Meka Model Managment
#BeAnotherSpecies / Another Species
#unikocasting / Uniko Model Management
#beMANGOmodel / Mango Models
#PARSme / PARS Management
#DirectionsScout / Directions USA Models
#dmmscoutme / DMM Models
#ntcme / No Ties Model Management
#ScoutMeBeth / Beth Model Management
#Beyondaselfie / Morgan Model Management
#PLscout / Peggi Lepage Model Scout
#jointhemvmt / The Movement Models
#anmscoutme / ANM Management
#scoutmiscmodels / ISC Models
#scoutmeonyx / ONYX Model Management
#21mmscoutme / TwentyOne Millimeters Management
#scoutmeignite / Ignite Models
#beascrew / AS Management
#scoutmebella / BELLA Management
#iamsmg / Seattle Models Guild
#Catchme / Catch 22 Model Management
#makemeelite / Elite Model Management Toronto
#scoutmeaddicted / Addicted to Models
#BecomeWicked / Wicked Models
#ohlssonminisuper / Ohlsson Model&Talent
#hook_scout_me / HOOK Model Agency
#iscoutstarrs / KStarr Management

3. By submitting your photo

Not all of the agencies that do insta – scouting have the official scouting hashtag. In some agencies instagram bio, you might find something along the line of „DM us your photo to get scouted“. First – make sure that the instagram account belongs to a trusted, verified agency, eg: @fordmodelsscout, @elitenyc,, @modelscout_lemanagement, @bmmodelmanagement …

If this is the case, there are few things to consider, prior to submission:

– Only DM those agencies that take this type of submissions. First, check if they have the official scouting hashtag (which is more common), and if not- do they take DM submissions? If they do, they will write it in the bio. If there is no such info, they probably don’t accept DM submissions, so you should go to their website, follow the instructions, and fill out the online application form, instead.

– When sending a photo to an agency via DM, do not include other agencies in conversation. Messages are on a more personal level than hashtags, so you might come off as unprofessional for adding more than one recipient. Instead, send separate DM’s to different agencies. This way, if any of them is interested, they will reply, and you can have ‘one on one conversation’.

– Submit not more than two of your photos (face & full body photo), and if you get the response, You will also get the further details on what to do next (send a few more photos, additional info, meet them at the office, or so…).

– Photo(s) should be of a good quality, recent, showing you without make- up, dressed in a body hugging clothes. Do not send professional photos, bikini photos, large files, videos, bathroom selfies, etc… This is not what scouts need in this, initial phase (or ever- bathroom selfies).

– Include your Name, Age, Height and the Country you live in, along with the photo.

– Wait. If the agency is interested, they will contact you. It is in their interest to find new models, so don’t worry – they are checking those submissions regularly. If you don’t get any reply in a week or so, the chances are that you don’t have the look they are currently looking for.

DON’T – keep sending them the same photos every day; keep asking them if they’ ve got the message; keep commenting „please check your DM“ on every photo they post; send DM to Ed Razek asking if you can take part in Victoria’s Secret show; etc…

– Also, don’t get discouraged! Be honest with yourself – do you think you have the potential to become a model? If so, try with the hashtags, website submissions, open calls, local castings… But make sure to be an „improved version“ of yourself each time you do it. Work on your body, skin, posture and self – confidence. If it works, well – you’re welcome! 🙂 If it doesn’t, don’t force it. Modeling might not be the career for you, but something else is, so keep searching for it!

What is your experience with insta – scouting? Let me know in comments.

* For more info on How To Become a Model, go HERE.

Nina G.
*last update 2017/06/13


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  1. Miriam - May 27, 2016 Reply

    How about #scoutmepanache?

  2. R - May 27, 2016 Reply

    I’ve put few of these # on my pictures, but got contacted by another agency that doesn’t even have scouting #. They are nice I do some local modeling now…

    • Jadon - Sep 19, 2016 Reply

      Hello please tell me which agency contacted you!

  3. JTB - May 27, 2016 Reply

    Some people #, all of their pics, all the time. I see, like 20 #wlyg pics of the same person in a row XD

  4. Amy - Jun 03, 2016 Reply

    Jenny Rose liked my picture once 😀

  5. D - Aug 05, 2016 Reply

    I get scouts from different agencies and well-known photographers to like my pics but none have left their contact information. What does that mean? Do I need to contact them?

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Aug 05, 2016 Reply

      Probably not, because they would be the first ones to contact you if they were interested. Especially the well- known photographers, they usually only do shootings with already signed models.
      If they often like your pictures, you might actually have the potential for modeling, but getting signed first is the best option.
      The best thing would be to fill out the application form on agencies website in “become a model” section, and they will reply if they are interested. Also, if you ever get approached via instagram by a photographer who wants to do a photoshoot with you, make sure to check their credentials, and never agree on a photoshoot without being 100% sure everything is right (even with the most famous photographers). This is one of the reasons why being represented by an agency is important- your own safety.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

  6. Kayla - Nov 22, 2016 Reply

    amriero has messaged me on instagram… are they legit? They say agencies and stuff check their page but i dont know… i need help

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Nov 23, 2016 Reply

      I just searched that page on instagram, and no- they don’t seem legit. There are plenty of official modeling agencies accounts out there, so no need to waste your time with the one you’ve mentioned. In general, if you don’t see at least a website in the description, and can’t find any info about “agency” when google searching it- don’t go for it.
      To be sure you’re contacting the right people try with the above mentioned hashtags, or apply to some verified agency via their website application form (there’s usually one in the “become a model” section).

      • samantha - Jan 22, 2017 Reply

        Hi, this account called @projectionofbeauty randomly dm me on Instagram and said they wanted to sign me with an agency. They also said they wanted me to send them some photos of me to show to potential agencies. They don’t have any website when I looked up the name and I was wondering if you could see if they are the real thing or not?

        • Models Rhythm

          Models Rhythm - Jan 23, 2017 Reply

          It doesn’t seem legit at all. I wouldn’t go for it. The account is just a selection of random model’s photos (some well known ones, as well), which means that the person who runs it didn’t take any of those. None of the models is tagged, there are no additional information about the person behind it, no website, and the fact that they look for “Beautiful girls to send a DM” is just not right.
          There’s just many things that are not ok about this.
          Always go for the agencies/ scouts you can find some info about, the models they represent, the work they’ve done, etc. There is practically no agency or a scout that doesn’t have at least a bit of feedback about their work. Not even those just starting out.

          Stay safe! 🙂

          • samantha - Jan 31, 2017

            Thank you! I won’t reply to them

  7. Emily - Dec 12, 2016 Reply

    Is it okay/normal to hashtag multiple agencies per one picture?

  8. JR - Dec 13, 2016 Reply

    #modelscout01 is also a bogus scout. There is no website, they don’t want to give you a phone number. Their twitter is vague which is @newfaces_talent. They asked for my account # so their client, Panasonic, could wire me money to purchase plane tickets for photo shoot in LA. Just be careful with people like this. They don’t need your account #. They should be buying your plane ticket for you and setting up accommodations.

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Dec 16, 2016 Reply

      Yes, precaution is extremely important! Especially if someone is offering to fly you to another city/ state. It’s so important to do your research and distrust any offer that doesn’t feel 100% right, and isn’t coming from a reliable source.

  9. Mirabelle - Dec 16, 2016 Reply

    I just got follow by Elite Model Chile. Also they liked and commented on my most recent picture. Does this mean anyting?

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Dec 16, 2016 Reply

      In general, agencies tend to DM people they are interested in.
      It also depends on what kind of pictures they liked/ what they commented, etc… As you probably already know, it sometimes happens that some accounts engage with other accounts in order to be followed back, and generate more followers. I can’t tell you if that’s the case, but if you are interested, you can always submit an online application through their website, and see if they answer back.

  10. JParris Life - Dec 20, 2016 Reply

    Social media is very powerful ways to make someone popular in some days. If someone wants to get into modeling, he or she upload photos on social media sites and hopefully they get the best result in the just matter of time. Many modeling agencies are looking for the new face for their brand. So keep uploading.

  11. 3kidmodels - Dec 23, 2016 Reply

    Hi Models Rhythm, just wanted to see if you could recommend the best agencies to hashtag for kids? Thanks.

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Dec 24, 2016 Reply

      In case you live in the US, the best ones would be LA Models (#lamodelsyouth) and New York Model Management (#MyNYMKid). Those two are really strong agencies, and both have youth divisions. An agency with a good reputation is really important- especially when it comes to kids modeling, and these two are possibly the strongest ones in the biz. You can also submit photos via application forms on their websites.

      Another choices when it comes to USA would be: Ohlsson Model & Talent/ Midwest and NY (ohlssonminisuper), Zuri Model & Talent/ NY and LA, JE Model Management/ SF, Generation Model Management/ NY and MP Mega/ Miami. The last four don’t have official scouting hashtags, but you can tag them or submit photos via their websites.

      Here’s another kids agency, but this one is in Spain- Sugar Kids. No hashtag, but you can tag them as well.

      If none of these agencies (or another top one that I might have missed, but you know of and are 100 % sure about their reputation) is interested, wait a few years, and if the kids are interested in modeling- try again. Don’t sign them with the ones you know nothing about. Guess you already know this, but I wanted to pinpoint it, just in case. 🙂

      Good luck!

      • 3kidmodels - Dec 28, 2016 Reply

        Thank you very much Models Rhythm. I appreciate your help. I’m very new to the social media world and just started. I had a few agencies like, follow and/or message me about my kids pics so the info you gave is helpful. BMG, 10mgmt, dnkmodels, up_models agency, and a few starssystem accounts liked, followed and/or messaged me to send submissions…hopefully it works. Thanks for the info.

      • 3kidmodels - Dec 28, 2016 Reply

        Thanks again. We are in south Florida and if you think of anymore good, reputable agencies please let me know. Will agencies in NY or LA be interested if we are in FL? I really appreciate your help. Hope you have a blessed new year!

        • Models Rhythm

          Models Rhythm - Dec 28, 2016 Reply

          No problem, I’m glad to help.
          Since you are in Florida, try with “MP Mega Miami”, and “Karen Greer Models”. I’d suggest you to e-mail them, and include your kids photos & info. You can find all the instructions on their websites. Along with that, you can hashtag photos and tag agencies on your instagram profile.
          It doesn’t matter that you don’t live in LA or NY – that shouldn’t be an issue when applying, especially not to the big agencies like the ones I mentioned in the previous reply. There’s another good one I forgot about- Wilhelmina (it’s NY based, though). They also have a youth division, you can use the hashtag #WilhelminaKAT.
          Have a joyous New Year as well!

          • 3kidmodels - Dec 29, 2016

            Thank you so much. Have you heard of modelstopia? They have a website at If you know anything, please let me know…thanks.

          • Models Rhythm

            Models Rhythm - Dec 29, 2016

            Just checked the website. It doesn’t seem to be an agency, but rather a photo studio, or something like that, they didn’t really specify it. I recommend you to stick to verified, reliable agencies. Start with the ones I mentioned you, and see how it goes. Eventually, you will get to know more about the industry and the way things work, and will know how to differentiate between good agencies and the ones that are not worthy of your time.

          • Ayaz Mohammed - Jun 12, 2017

            M from india where should i apply …

          • Models Rhythm

            Models Rhythm - Jun 22, 2017

            Hi Ayaz,
            I’ll quote my reply to one of the similar questions above: ” A really good agency in India is Anima Creatives, but there are also TFM Models, Urban Model Management, Purple Model Management, 6th Avenue, Idol Model Management, Inega Models… Most of Indian agencies are based in New Delhi and Mumbai, so check which ones work for you, based on your location.”

  12. Giorgina - Jan 09, 2017 Reply

    Hi Models Rhythm, I’m just curious about a few things. so recently I have signed up to be an unpaid model for this shop TeenHearts. It’s nothing big I just have to purchase something from their store at a discounted price and post a picture, no biggie. My friend just warned me to be careful because it might be a scam, how can I tell for sure if it is? Also, I live in California and I’m a 16 year old girl, I was wondering if you know any tags I can use?

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Jan 09, 2017 Reply

      Hi Giorgina,
      About TeenHearts- I suppose you signed up via their website, and got the instructions and a discount code, or something. That said, I am not familiar with the details but in case you haven’t signed any paper/ contract, and are not obligated to pay anything to them (besides clothing you purchase), it should be fine. This is probably TeenHearts marketing strategy to gain more customers and grow their following- especially among the teens. People sign up, buy some clothes, take a photo in it, and tag them (I guess this is the way it works). That way they get more engagement, bigger audience, and more customers. So, it’s mainly their way to promote themselves, which is fine, and if I got it all right, it doesn’t sound like a scam.

      When it comes to hashtags, you can use- #WILLYSCOUTS, #omgscouting, #wescoutusa, #MSAme, #ntcme…all of the above mentioned, California based ones. Don’t know in which part of CA you live in, but these agencies are mostly based in bigger cities. Hopefully some of these will work for you.

  13. any_12 - Jan 18, 2017 Reply

    What if FORD opened my DM on Instagram and left it “seen” about two days ago but hasn’t responded or reached out yet?

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Jan 18, 2017 Reply

      If you included your photos and there’s no response, it could be that they are not interested. You can wait a few more days, although most of the agencies don’t reply if they are not interested in applicants. (it would be too time- consuming to answer everyone)

  14. Emma - Jan 19, 2017 Reply

    Maybe it’s work by apps? I know that services like use some algorithms and can find people in any location and interests.

  15. Michael - Jan 24, 2017 Reply

    Hi Model Rhythm,

    I have a good amount of daily traffic on my Instagram. I always have likes and comment and follows from photographers who are with big agencies . A recent like from the Celebrity manager from Wilhelmina, A follow from the personal appearances assistant at WME and IMG models. I will DM them on a professional level but I get no response. What does this mean and what can I do? I am looking to get scouted and sign with an agency. All of this Instagram activity keeps happening on a daily but I have not gotten scouted or signed yet. I would really appreciate the help!


    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Jan 25, 2017 Reply

      Hi Michael,

      Likes and follows don’t necessarily mean they’re interested or that they’ve took a look at your profile. They might be doing it to get the follow back, or have an app doing it for them, or they maybe only liked that particular photo, etc… It’s hard to tell exactly what’s behind it, but unless they actually DM you, asking for more info about you, they might not be genuinely interested.

      Since you’ve tried sending them a DM and they didn’t reply, you can try sending them an e – mail (find it on their website) with your photos and stats. Also, you can try with some smaller agencies (mother agencies) instead- it is more likely to get a reply than from the big ones like IMG. See if they hold open calls, or again, just e – mail them. Top agencies go through the new faces listings of smaller agencies very often, and scout/ search for new models.

      That’s as much as you can do- try different agencies, knock on multiple doors and see what happens.

      Good luck!

  16. Michael - Jan 25, 2017 Reply


    What are some smaller agencies (mother agencies) that I can look up?

    Thank You!

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Jan 26, 2017 Reply

      It depends on where you’ re located, and whether you are fashion or commercial type of model, but let’s say you’re USA based – in NY, you can go for: Surface Models, Social New York, Unite Unite, etc… or if you are commercial type you are better suited for Los Angeles and Miami, so you can try with Front Management (MI), White Cross Management (LA)… There are many options really, esp. if you are located in a big city.

  17. Gabriel - Jan 30, 2017 Reply

    I am thinking of doing this….. i’ve been told by many people that i should go into modeling…. im a 19 year old male…. live in CT. I am wondering if you know of any agencies near by ….. this side of the country:)…. also, what #Hashtags do you recommend ? How do i know if the agencues that contact me are legit?

    Thank you for your help

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Feb 03, 2017 Reply

      I don’t know about CT, but there are plenty of agencies in NY (more than anywhere else in the world, I guess), so you could go for those. There are IMG, Re:Quest, Red Model Management, VNY Models, Wilhelmina, Heroes, Ford, NEXT, Social New York, Nomad Management, New York Model Management, MSA Models, Fusion Models, and sooo much more, bigger or smaller ones.
      You can e-mail your application to any of them, and if you get any replies- take a short trip to NY, and visit them all.

      To make sure the agency that contacts you is legit:
      – check their profile- who are the models they represent? what type of work they do?
      – check their website which should be in the bio section
      – check if models listed on the website match the ones on their instagram profile
      – look at other social media of the agency
      – “stalk” them on google- with a simple google search you can figure out if the agency is a scam or not
      – NEVER pay for anything.

      If nothing seems suspicious, than it’s all good. But there’s no concern with the big ones I’ve mentioned above, of course.

  18. Tye - Feb 02, 2017 Reply

    Do you Know any Top Model agencies in Atlanta Ga.
    Im getting Back Into modeling at a “women”age group(30)(stopped when I was 24)and due to my passion In Fashion Styling As Wardrobe Stylist It goes Hand in Hand but can sometimes be hard.
    Thank you and You Have Very great Information..U should have your own Website…

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Feb 03, 2017 Reply

      I know of BMG Models, Factor Chosen Model Management, Atlanta Models & Talent Inc., and Directions USA Models. All of them have the “lifestyle” divisions, which I guess is what you’re going for.
      There could be more, but so far I’m only familiar with the mentioned ones. 🙂

  19. Tom - Feb 12, 2017 Reply

    I got followed on instagram by linda_elitemodelscout and tanya_nextmodelscout, are they legit? what should I do

  20. Z - Feb 13, 2017 Reply

    Hey, do you know how most agencies go for that strange, unigue type of look…. well what if youre not strange and youre just really attractive and have the body and height to match and want to start modeling. What agencies would I have to contact ?

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Feb 28, 2017 Reply

      Not necessarily strange, some clients go for rather classic look, so the type of beauty if HF modeling is not strictly defined. If you think you are more on the commercial side, you can try with any agency that represents commercial models… I don’t know where you’re based, but check if there are some agencies close to where you live, that have a commercial division. Most of the big agencies such as IMG, NEXT, ONE Management, etc. represent both HF and commercial models, but they are all NYC based.

  21. abi - Mar 12, 2017 Reply

    is zoom evrika modelling agency legit?

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Mar 14, 2017 Reply

      It is legit, not sure if still active though… Were you approached by them?

  22. Anne porter - Mar 15, 2017 Reply

    Hi, I just sent one selfie to @fordmodelscout and within minutes they replied directing me to their website’a submission form. They also said that if I don’t hear back within 30 days there wasn’t enough interest to offer a contract.

    Does that imply there being some interest? Do they DM everyone back?

    I don’t think it was standard because when I replied they wrote a smiley face and a heart back.

    What should I interpret this as?

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Mar 16, 2017 Reply

      There might be interest, yes. I don’t think they DM everyone back, as there are thousands submissions daily. In any case, you should submit through their website, and in 30 days you’ll know for sure if they’re interested or not. 😉 Good luck!

  23. Sanju - Mar 24, 2017 Reply

    hello Models Rhythm i live in India can u suggest me some hashtag for some agency for freshers?

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Mar 28, 2017 Reply

      Right now, I don’t know of any # for Indian agencies, but you can always submit your application through the agency’s website form. A really good agency in India is Anima Creatives, but there are also TFM Models, Urban Model Management, Purple Model Management, 6th Avenue, Idol Model Management, Inega Models… Most of Indian agencies are based in New Delhi and Mumbai, so check which ones work for you, based on your location.

  24. Nivaeh Lamour - Mar 27, 2017 Reply

    hello why is it necessary to wait the full 30 days before hearing a response? Does it normally take that long to hear back?

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Mar 28, 2017 Reply

      It depends on the agency. The big ones (such as Ford, IMG, Elite, Next, etc…) might take longer than usual to reply as they get many submissions on a daily basis. Sometimes, they reply within a few days if they see the strong “model potential” in the applicant. Smaller and boutique agencies, on both local and international level usually reply lot sooner or not at all, in case they’re not interested – depending on the agency’s policy.

  25. Bethel Gold - May 14, 2017 Reply

    Hi Models Rhythm
    is MRX MEDIA a legit agency
    I got followed by them on Instagram

    and also got likes and comments on my pics by agencies and photographers

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - May 15, 2017 Reply

      Hey Bethel,
      Never heard of them, so I don’t know anything more than you do, but I checked their website and they seem to mainly provide photographic services, hence they’re not exactly modeling agency. They do seem to have some affiliate modeling agency held by the same owner. That said, it doesn’t seem like a scam- and the agency is rather commercially oriented…

  26. Bethel Gold - May 16, 2017 Reply

    I could go for the agency since it isn’t a scam?

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - May 18, 2017 Reply

      Well, just because it’s an existing/ registered agency, it doesn’t mean they do a good job in representing/ selecting models. You should always check if they ask you to pay for any of their services, take a good look at contract details, etc… The “scam” can sometimes be hidden in the contract itself, which you can’t tell for sure until you read it. Note that this advice applies to any agency- not only the one you asked me about.
      So yes, if that’s the type of modeling you want to pursue, you can go for this agency, but always be cautious of what you sign.

  27. Bethel Gold - May 16, 2017 Reply

    Hi Model Rhythm
    how about social media for Models their website is

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - May 18, 2017 Reply

      That is not a modeling agency- they are social media managers who are meant to grow social media audience/ exposure for models (increase number of followers, manage their account, etc…) 🙂

  28. Lauren the Vegan - May 24, 2017 Reply

    I follow AGModels_official, IMG, Elite and a few others on instagram

  29. Bianca - May 29, 2017 Reply

    This was SO useful, thank you!
    Just wanted to ask if you made a list of Kids Agencies and if so please share link

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Jun 02, 2017 Reply

      I’m glad you found it helpful!
      Haven’t made the Kids Agencies list just yet, might do it in the future though. For the kids modeling I would always go for the safe, well known agencies- Wilhelmina #WilhelminaKAT, New York Model Management #MyNYMKid and LA Models #LAModelsYouth. These are only a few USA based, top ones.

  30. Anonymous - Jun 01, 2017 Reply

    Thanks for this article! I was recently followed by an agency called Tier 1 Model Management. I don’t take professional photos, just photos of myself on my cheap android phone. I’m kind of nervous about what to post, I feel like they’re watching me or something. Should I reach out to them or just wait and see?

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Jun 02, 2017 Reply

      Hey there,
      Well, if your IG account is public, you never know who’s watching 🙂
      No reason to be nervous, just act casually, they should like you the way you are. Agencies usually reach out to the ones they’re interested in straight away (to get more info), but yes, you can reach out to them as well. I would always take a proactive approach, but do as you feel is the best, you won’t make a mistake either way.
      Good luck!

  31. rosa - Jun 16, 2017 Reply

    Hi! If I live can I apply on IMG or Ford; and using those hashtags? Or it’s better to apply on a local agency first? Thanks 🙂

    • rosa - Jun 16, 2017 Reply

      I live in MexicoCity

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Jun 22, 2017 Reply

      you can do both hashtags and apply to the local agency simultaneously. It’s always good to try different options and see if any of them show interest in you. 🙂
      There are quite a few good agencies in Mexico City, with strong connections to the leading ones around the world. Go ahead!

  32. Caroline - Jun 20, 2017 Reply

    Hello! I live in a small country and modeled here for a year with a small local agency. 2months ago, i applied to about 10-20agencies by their websites but havent got any feedbacks. Some models said that they dont actually check their online applications so you should go to open calls. Should i really go to new york or some big markets and go-see the agency? I really think i have what it takes to be a model(a unique look, tall,skinny, young etc..)

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Jun 22, 2017 Reply

      Hi Caroline,
      It’s hard to give you advise on what to do, since trip to NYC is quite costly, but if high expenses are not a problem for you, try all the options out, why not. It’s on you to decide. 🙂
      Btw, I must disagree with models who said that agencies don’t check online applications. Those application forms are on agency’s websites for a reason, and it’s in agent’s interest to check them out, or else they might miss out on a potential talent.

  33. Anonymous - Jun 24, 2017 Reply

    Hi I’m a 16 year old male and I’m aspiring to be a model. I’ve wanted be one ever since I was 13, and now I am very motivated to become one. Unfortunately I live in Germany (because one of my family members are in the military). I would like to be scouted by any legit agency (preferably a large one like IMG). I feel like big time agencies would not like to sign me because of my crazy lifestyle. Can you give me your personal opinion on this?

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Jun 25, 2017 Reply

      Actually, Germany is not a bad place to live in when starting modeling career, at all. Depending on the city you live in, there are ones like SEEDS (Berlin), ICONIC (Berlin), PMA (Hamburg), MODELWERK (Hamburg), MEGA (Hamburg), Munich Models (Munich), Tomorrow is another day (Cologne), etc… Those are all top agencies with strong connections worldwide (with other agencies & clients), they represent world’s top models, and can really jump-start your career.
      Now, since you’ve mentioned IMG, I suppose you have the “big league” ones on your mind, such as NEXT, FORD, ELITE, etc… but you should keep in mind that any German agency will be more than happy to introduce you/ get you signed with some of the mentioned big ones if you really have what it takes/ the look they go for. In fact, it’s in their best interest to have all of their models signed with the leading agencies worldwide, and have them earning bunch of money. Sometimes it’s even better to have a mother agency in your country of residence to give you the best advice, introduce you to their partner agencies, and “watch your back”, especially when being as young as you are.
      Concerning your age, you are still very young and have time to think things through, work on your confidence, body, expression, before applying to an agency (male models usually don’t start working until they are around 18 yo). This will increase your chances for scoring the contract. When it comes to your, as you said- crazy lifestyle- I suppose you move frequently or so?, it is not something that will stop any agency from signing you, if they really want you on their board, and if you really have a potential to go far. You will be requested to travel around a lot as a model anyway, so that shouldn’t be a problem.
      In conclusion, I would advise you to apply to some of your local German agencies first, make sure you have what it takes to become a model, and then talk to them about your aspirations. They will estimate what are the best steps for you to take.
      Hope this helps. 🙂

      • Anonymous - Jun 26, 2017 Reply

        Wow thank you so much for this! This definitely helps and I will be following your advice.

        Thank You!! 🙂

  34. Anthony brown - Jun 28, 2017 Reply

    I’m in Nigeria and I got all it takes to be in any of the best agencies in the world..but it seems they do racism’s because I hardly see blacks pictures and others on agencies like elite,lamodels..etc What’sup?

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Jun 29, 2017 Reply

      Hey Anthony,
      The question might be tricky to answer, but I get your point.
      The racism in fashion is a subject that has been tackled many times, and it’s a never ending discussion whether it exists or not. Usually it’s not agency’s fault- the brands dictate which models they want to hire, and agencies respond accordingly. The fact is that there should be more models of color booking campaigns, walking runways, etc., and it’s very unfair (to say the least) that fashion isn’t more diverse.

      Of course, sometimes agencies are just not interested in representing a model (regardless of their skin color)- they just don’t find them suitable for their agency. Did you try submitting photos to some Nigerian agencies first? Like FEW Models, or Beth Model Management (both based in Lagos). If you have the potential, they can introduce you to the worldwide agencies you mentioned.

      Good luck!

  35. Anthony brown - Jun 29, 2017 Reply

    thanks and Godbless you!

  36. Jack Rodriguez - Jun 30, 2017 Reply


    One of my middle school friends just got scouted by teen Vogue.
    And I’ve always wanted to start modeling and all that fun stuff. And right now would be a great time to start since I’m on summer vacation.

    I was wondering if you had suggestions for certain agencies that are for teen guys?

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Jul 02, 2017 Reply

      Hello Jack,
      It really depends on your location, but let’s say you are based in the USA, I would recommend: Wilhelmina Kids & Teens (NYC), Future Faces (NYC), JE Model Management (SF)… Also, if you are older than 16, or at least 5’11”/ 6′ (180/ 183 cm) tall regardless of your age, you can apply to the regular, non- teen modeling agency, and if they end up signing you, they’ll put you on the development board and wait for you to get older in order to start working.

      • Jack Rodriguez - Jul 04, 2017 Reply

        Ok, cool! Thank you!
        I’ll look into those.

        I’m actually 16 years old, 5’10”, and based in Texas.
        Is there an agency that looks for people with those criteria​?
        (Preferably one that has a modern clothing style, kind of like the same style rue21’s men’s clothing has)

        • Models Rhythm

          Models Rhythm - Jul 05, 2017 Reply

          Rue21 is a clothing brand and their style is not affiliated with any modeling agency. Every brand hires a model they find suitable for representing their products. Models are signed with modeling agencies who act as a bond between model and brand. I guess you were thinking about commercial modeling, so you can submit to The Campbell agency, they represent both fashion and commercial models. There are also The Dragonfly, Kim Dawson, Wallflower Management, etc (all based in Dallas).
          They all do, however, request a height of 6′ and above for guys, but since you are 16, you might grow a bit more. You can give it a try and see what happens.
          Good luck. 🙂

  37. Martina - Jul 04, 2017 Reply

    Can i still use the hashtags if i don’t live in the us?

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Jul 05, 2017 Reply

      Yes, you can 🙂 If interested, big agencies will probably arrange a meeting, or send you to their closest affiliate office.

  38. Melody - Aug 15, 2017 Reply

    Is there a better chance of getting scouted if you put your Instagram account on public or is it fine to keep it on private? Will hashtags be seen if your account is on private? Can you apply to an agency that’s not close to where you live? For example, if you live in LA can you apply to an agency that’s based in NYC.

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Aug 15, 2017 Reply

      To have your photos seen by any user on instagram (hence, by modeling agencies as well) you must keep the account public. When your account is private, hashtags or photos on your profile are not seen by anyone besides your followers. So, unless modeling agencies follow you on instagram, they can’t see your content if you switch to private mode.

      Yes, you can apply to any agency, but keep in mind that if the agency shows interest in you, in some cases you will have to pay your travel expenses in order to attend the initial meeting. Other times though, the agency will finance your trip (if they are almost 100% sure they will sign you as soon as you arrive), but it all depends on the agency and your potential.

  39. Jae - Nov 20, 2017 Reply

    Thank you for your insightful article and follow up comments with suggestions. My 8 year old daughter would like to get into modeling, and many people say she should. However, we are located in RI and with everyday life it would be difficult to get to either Boston or NYC trying to “get found”. I don’t know of any good agencies in RI. Can you recommend any? Is it worth trying to find a local agency or make the leap to be dedicated to it and try to get scouted by larger agency in Boston or NYC? Thanks again!

    • Models Rhythm

      Models Rhythm - Nov 24, 2017 Reply

      Hi Jae!
      It would be worth the shot, definitely. Try finding a good kids agency, and they’ll direct her to the larger ones. Just stay away from scams and keep in mind to never pay for any of portfolio photos/ memberships and such.
      Good luck!

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