photo by Hadar Pitchon, courtesy of The Agency Arizona

Name: Jack Kalani Pililaau
Height: 6’4” / 193 cm
Age: 16
Nationality: Hawaiian/German/Irish
Instagram: @jack.kalani

Jack Pililaau from Phoenix, AZ, repped by The Agency Arizona and currently placed with Wilhelmina Models in New York where he’s staying for work, is a new star on the rise. Featured in W Magazine earlier this year as one of „11 Diverse New Male Models at NY Fashion Week“, Jack is a fun loving, volleyball playing guy with big dreams and a promising future ahead of him.

photos by Hadar Pitchon, courtesy of The Agency Arizona

How would you describe yourself?
I am a very open, honest and lively guy. I like to laugh A LOT. Eating food and hanging out are two of my favorite things.

What are you passionate about?
I’m very passionate about modeling and volleyball. Good quality friendships and relationships are very important to me.

photos by Hadar Pitchon, courtesy of The Agency Arizona

How did you start modeling?
I did a shoot with one of my sister’s friends who is a photographer. The images came out really good and she posted on social media. Long story short, someone saw the pics and sent them to my soon-to-be mother agent, and I signed with The Agency Arizona. Then a month or two later I did a casting for Wilhelmina and their scout liked me a lot. Then, I signed with them and flew to New York, a week later for fashion week.

photos by Michael Franco, courtesy of The Agency Arizona

Tell me about your trip to New York earlier this year.
My trip was amazing! I learned so much and met so many great people. My agency treated me very well and all the models welcomed me to the industry. A few of the closer friends I made, showed me around New York. I ate A LOT of pizza and got a disgusting amount of coffee. I did some shows and they were all great. I met a lot of models through shows too! I’m currently in NY again.

How do you like being in front of the camera?
I honestly love being in front of the camera. I just pretend it’s not there and look past it.

photo by Michael Franco, courtesy of The Agency Arizona

On your days off, what are your favorite things to do?
I like to simply hang out, maybe go and get something to eat.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
On paper or screen somewhere big living life how I want to.


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