KEI – LIN GATLING – Interview

photo by Hissa Igarashi, courtesy of White Cross Management

Name: Kei – Lin Jade Gatling
Height: 5’10” / 178 cm
Age: 17
Nationality: American
Instagram: @kei_lingatling

It was one trip to Los Angeles that made this Connecticut teen’s, what seemed distant dream – come true. Not long after being spotted and signed by Jim Jordan of her mother agency White Cross Management, she was placed with Directions USA Models and Red Model Management, as well. Now, multitalented Kei – Lin is under development, until ready to take the world of modeling by storm.
Get to know her better in the interview bellow.

photo by Hissa Igarashi, courtesy of White Cross Management

How did you start modeling? Is it something you always dreamed of?
I was discovered when I was on a mission trip in Los Angeles with Path of Success Students of Excellence, which is a high school leadership program at my church Cornerstone Christian Center. After a long day of mission work at the Los Angeles Dream Center, my group decided to do some site seeing and get some food. After dining at California Pizza Kitchen, a part of the group decided to stop at Starbucks which was right across the street. I don’t really drink coffee so I waited on the corner with some of my friends and youth leaders. Jim Jordan spotted me and at first, I was confused as to why he had been staring at me. He approached my group and started talking to one of my leaders. Modeling always seemed like a distant dream to me. I never thought it would happen. There were a few times where I would ask my mom to look in it modeling, however nothing started until Jim Jordan scouted me. I am very blessed and fortunate to have met him. It was so unexpected, but amazing all at the same time.

photo by Hissa Igarashi, courtesy of White Cross Management

Is there anyone you find inspiring in the fashion/ modeling industry?
Yes, Tyra Banks. She is so successful and well rounded. Her accomplishments inspire me to want to achieve all my dreams.

What has been your favorite modeling moment so far?
My favorite modeling moment so far was when I did a shoot for Valentine Magazine. There was so much energy during the shoot because there were different models involved. The clothes were amazing because it was retro styled. I remember I had on a matching pink and red floral blazer and pants. It was extremely fun and a learning experience for me on how to really work with other models.

photos by Hissa Igarashi (l) & Joseph Paradiso and Yuki, courtesy of White Cross Management

What brands would you like to work for?
I would love to work for Chanel or Gucci. Also, I hope that one day I can walk in a store and see my photo in Forever 21, H&M and other stores.

How would you like your career to develop in the future?
I would like my career to develop to a point where I can model full time and travel to new exotic places.

photos by Hissa Igarashi, courtesy of White Cross Management

5 random questions for you:

Favorite song? “When The Fight Calls” by Hillsong Young & Free
Weirdest thing about you? I have great flexibility in my left arm where I can twist it backwards and touch the back of my head.
What cheers you up? Singing or hanging out with my friends.
Do you believe in magic? No, but I believe in miracles.
Your most favorite city in the world? New York City because it has everything.


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  1. Carolyn Pierce - Dec 21, 2016 Reply

    Kei-Lin is my sister-in-law’s daughter. Don’t see them very often but love and adore the whole family. Kei-Lin is a beautiful, sweet and kind young lady. She is all about family, friends and her church. I hope all her dreams come true, she deserves it. I have also requested an autograph from her because I love her and also because I know she will be a top model someday. She is the whole package, inside and out Kei-Lin is a true angel

  2. Jenna - Dec 25, 2016 Reply

    Very lovely <3

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