If you’re a model enthusiast then you must have browsed upon Instagram account called MODELS CARDS in the last few months or so. It’s the account made by Damiano Baccile, Milan based, Abruzzo raised, overall awesome Italian guy with a soft spot for models and football. He plays with the concept of model cards (also known as composite cards that feature model stats & info), turning them into football players cards with cute little jersey shirts and everything. His project didn’t go unnoticed, as he had collabs with SoapOpera Fanzine, Modelspot Paris, Emanuele Ferrari and was featured in L’Officiel Italia website as one of the Instagram accounts not to be missed.
So go ahead, read the interview bellow and follow MODELS CARDS on Instagram. It’s really cute. For real.

How did you get the idea to make “Models Cards“?
In Italy there are few things that go very well together: pasta with Parmesan, bread and Nutella, and models with football players, ehm, I mean fashion and football.
Mine is a way to say “Look, I got this model” but in a different way, for mere commoners.

image courtesy of Damiano Baccile – “Models Cards”

You are getting a good response to your work, right?
I’m getting to know many people thanks to this little project, some of which have become dear friends.
I don’t deny that I really appreciate the buzz surrounding the project and being mentioned by L’Officiel Italia but the thing I like most though is to manage to get a smile out of the models I make the cards to.

image courtesy of Damiano Baccile – “Models Cards”

Do you have a background in art?
Like many children I started out scribbling on my house’s walls, then grew up and understood that drawing on them was wrong so I switched to scribbling graffiti on cities’ walls.
I don’t have an educational background in arts but my mother says I’m really good! 😉

image courtesy of Damiano Baccile – “Models Cards”

What program do you use to edit photos?
I draw the football tees with Adobe Illustrator and end up the whole thing with Photoshop if there are any problems with the polaroids.

image courtesy of Damiano Baccile – “Models Cards”

Who are your favorite models?
I love Bianca Balti, Sofia Resing, Edita Vilkeviciute, Sofia Reynal, Rianne van Rompaey, Sasha Luss but I do also like new faces, that’s why I’m putting them in my work.

image courtesy of Damiano Baccile – “Models Cards”

What football team do you support?
Does “Fino alla fine (until the end)” or “Bianconeri” tell you something?
There’s only one team that makes me dream and that is Juventus.

image courtesy of Damiano Baccile – “Models Cards”

Finally, what do you like more – models or football?
Models, models who watch football, models who play it, models who love it, models who hate it…


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    You know, the meticulous care for every detail on the shirts with such models, can only accompany…

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