NADYA ZAINY – Interview

photo by Arief Ointoe, courtesy of IVY Models

Name: Nadya Audina Zainy
Height: 175 cm
Age: 18
Nationality: Indonesian
Instagram: @nadyazainy

Eighteen year old Nadya from Indonesia is clever and creative, aims for a career in dentistry, and always finds some spare time to play her guitar and listen to some oldies. Being represented by IVY Models in her home country, she is diving into modeling full force, as she just graduated high school.

Hi Nadya! What were you like growing up?
I grew up in a rather strict and realistic family. For my parents, living the dream means living the most financially secure life possible instead of living the life doing what you’re most passionate about if it doesn’t pay well, but they just want the best for their children. I have two older brothers with seven and nine years gap, so I’ve always been more mature than kids my age, even though sometimes I still could manage to be a complete goofball. My cheerfulness as a kid reflected the loving people around me.

photos by Arief Ointoe, courtesy of IVY Models

How did you first get into modeling?
My mom was really into fashion, and she studied fashion design. She always saw me as a positive (never my drug test) and confident kid, so she introduced me to modelling and have always been my inspiration. When I was 4, she had me join a National Runway Event, and I won 1st place. She said I was so natural, and ever since she has always been supporting me like no one ever could. I got more serious in modelling after I graduated High School and joined IVY Models.

What do you like the most about modeling?
First and foremost, it helps me see beauty in everything. It’s been really nice to meet new great people in this line of work, and there’s nothing like experiencing various characters in different things I wear.

photos by Ryan Tandya (l) and Arief Ointoe (r), courtesy of IVY Models

What are 5 things people should know about you?
I eat a lot, I’m a perfectionist, I love working on details, I love tropical paradises, and I have a tiny Python.

You seem to be into music, tell me more about it
Generally, I’m more into old music. Back when music was pure and beautiful, the lyrics were genuine and believable, and the flaws while recording feel so pleasing and authentic. I’ve been listening to Classic Rock Bands such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Kansas, etc. since I was 8, thanks to my Dad. Unfortunately, I don’t believe I have much of a musical talent, and it didn’t strike me enough to get any music lessons. But I’ve been teaching myself to play guitar for about a year now, and it’s been pretty good. I would also like to thank God for bringing us Michael Jackson. I grew up listening to his genius music, and watching his incomparable dance moves. When I was 4, I made my tympanic membrane bleeding and rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night after I tried to imitate him wearing a head-worn mic while following his dance moves. But obviously, we didn’t have a head-worn mic, so I used my Mom’s wire necklace instead.

photos by Arief Ointoe, courtesy of IVY Models

What do you like doing in your free time?
Taking a coffee break (my favorite coffee style is Aceh Gayo), reading a book, watching a psychological thriller movie.

Where do you see yourself ten years from now, career wise?
Having finished my Bachelor of Dentistry study. I wanna be equally focused on both my modelling and dentistry careers. Maybe become a professional model while working as a dentist in some military hospital.


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