PARK TAE MIN – Interview

photo by GunYoung Lee, courtesy of VALUE MODELS

Name: Park Tae – Min
Height: 188 cm
Age: 22
Nationality: South Korean
Instagram: @txxmini

Although at the very beginning of his modeling journey, Korean newcomer Tae Min at VALUE MODELS is very determined and goal oriented. Still unsigned outside of Korea, but with local runway and editorial experience, his powerful potential and versatility are very obvious. As his 23rd birthday (and international breakthrough) approach, Tae Min sure has plenty of reason to celebrate.

photo courtesy of VALUE MODELS

How would you describe yourself?
As for me, of course, I like to have fun with my friends, but I am very passionate about my work.
I think, in model field, there are three important things which are sincerity, patience and constant exertions, and I have no doubts that these words make me to grow up in this field.
In other words, speaking of me currently, I’m really into a modeling career with the above beliefs.

photo courtesy of VALUE MODELS

Is modeling something you always wanted to do?
My first goal when I started work was getting on the stage called the Seoul Collection. Fortunately, I could be on this 17 s/s Seoul Collection stages including Han Dong – woo, Shin Kyu – Yong.
Thus, my next goal and what I would like to do as a model is to participate in world stages such as Paris, New York, Milan, London, as you know.

photo by XACK, courtesy of VALUE MODELS

What was your most exciting modeling experience so far?
Busan Fashion Week was the best stage.
I was very proud of myself when I was walking on the stage because my parents were there also. It was very interesting experience I could enjoy with them on the stage.

photo courtesy of VALUE MODELS

What type of work do you prefer- runway or print?
I prefer runway work because it is very lively.
The reason why I prefer is models walking on a runway express designer’s intentions with their movements on the runway in every season.
So, what makes them shine on the stage and look attractive is on the fashion show stage.

photo by XACK, courtesy of VALUE MODELS

What are your future plans regarding modeling?
I’m steadily gaining a lot of experience to get a chance for an international debut as a model representing Korea.


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