THE ART OF INDI – Interview

photo by Shana Jade Trajanoska, courtesy of Kevlar Rose Agency

India Mitchell, who goes by the name of INDI, is an eighteen year old African American model and artist represented by Kevlar Rose Agency. Creatively driven, she combines her passion for art with modeling, showing her artistic persona in a full potential. Aside from using different techniques for creating portraits with her own twist, Indi also released her own merch line called „Girlfriend from Hell“ (which you may purchase here) a few months ago. She doesn’t stop there though, as she plans on designing more, unique clothing pieces in future.
Get to know more about Indi’s art and see some of her work bellow.

How did you get involved in art?
I’ve always been around art.  Since I was younger my parents would always keep me busy by always buying me coloring books or sometimes my mom and I would do abstract work on canvases, so I’ve always had the drive to create. Although I’ve always done art, high school, my dad, and my teachers motivated to create more and basically find myself as a visual artist.

artwork & courtesy – INDI

What types of art techniques and styles do you prefer?
My style is more impressionistic with a little bit of realism. I mostly do portraits but I try to make them all different in their own way by either adding color (marker, watercolor, and oil) or I might keep it black and white or I’d add cross hatching or stippling, etc. I don’t usually just stick to one technique.

Where do you get the inspiration from?
My inspiration comes from my personal everyday interactions with things like my friends, people I may follow or find on Instagram, or my feelings/thoughts. My portraits are of people I may find attractive.

artwork & courtesy – INDI

Tell me about your „Girlfriend from Hell“ merch.
The “Girlfriend from Hell” merch is basically a skate brand “Thrasher” spin off, but I just personalized it. It’s mostly based off of my interest like skate, the “it” girl, the girl that stands out. The girl and the two skulls is kind of self explanatory especially the “game on”… It just lets you know what you’re about to get yourself into haha; it’s either she will make your life a living hell, she could be the girl you will never forget, or she could just be that badass girl that can do whatever she wants. The people who understand it – it will speak to them the most. It also isn’t just made for girls only, I like for guys to wear it too because every guy wants a girl that’s in control of herself and doesn’t really give a f*** haha. I don’t care what they say.

artwork & courtesy – INDI

Do you plan on designing more garments in the future?
Yes, I have made previous designs and do plan on making more, I’d like to stray away from graphic tees at some point only because everyone is doing it and it can get over saturated especially if you may find someone else doing the same thing, but as long as it’s YOUR style and you don’t compare yourself to others I guess it doesn’t matter. But I’d like to start getting into customizing different pieces. Clothing for me is just another platform to put original work on.

photos by Faisal Mohammed (l) & Mark Aghatise (r), courtesy of Kevlar Rose Agency

How did you become a model, and do you get to express your creativity through modeling as well?
Ever since I was a baby my parents tried to get me into modeling and my mom would try to contact different agencies but when none of them would respond back or they were just trying to scam us, I just kind of put that dream on hold, but I’ve always done it like a hobby with my friends and dad. Until I met Victorya at a pop up shop I was participating in, and she told me that she wanted me apart of her agency, and I just thought “why not” it could really help a lot with my future. Yes, modeling has allowed me to express my creativity because it allows people to see what I see when I’m inspired by another model/muse. I like when people see me as art, and then later find out that I produce art as well, and then just see me as an artistic being overall.

photo by Ben Searles, courtesy of Kevlar Rose Agency

2016/ 12/12

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