photo by Nick Suarez, courtesy of Balint Nemes

Name: Viktoria Viki Foti
Height: 178 cm
Age : 19
Nationality: Hungarian
Instagram: @fotiviktoria

Hailing from Hungary, Viki- the power ranger, demonstrates her power with no exception. Impeccable in every single photo, during Fashion Month she showed she can deliver some serious presence on the runway as well. Proving that great things are worth waiting for, after a skillful development done by her mother agent Balint of Balint Nemes Personal Model Management, she was successfully placed with Premium Models/ Paris, Major Model Management/ NYC & Milan, Body and Soul Model Agency/ Vienna, Muga Modelmanagement/ Hamburg and New Model Agency/ Athenes. What followed was: Papercut Magazine and Institute Magazine editorials, UmnO Magazine cover + more exciting editorials from her NYC stay that are coming out next month.
Although handling with her tight schedule, she still found a bit of time to answer some questions.

Hello Viki! First, tell me how did you started modeling? Did you always wanted to be a model?
Well, there were signs, as a kid I pretty much enjoyed giving random “fashion shows” for my parents, stealing my mom’s clothes, accessories… but I wouldn’t say I actually wanted to be a model. It happened 2 years ago when I got scouted on social media, but it was a long process until I got travel – ready.

photo by Nick Suarez, courtesy of Balint Nemes

You recently came back from New York. How was your staying there?
It was my first time in the States ever, and I can tell you, it was beyond amazing! New York is so much different than Europe. Being there is very inspiring and motivating. I got to know many interesting and talented people.

And then, you went to Milan. Which market do you prefer?
I prefer New York. I feel like the market and the mentality in general is more my cup thing overseas. So now I’m going back, the Big Apple is waiting!

photo by Adrian Nina, courtesy of Balint Nemes

Still being a new face, it must be a lot of castings going on for you. How do you handle your hectic schedule?
Yes, that’s the right term – hectic. But that’s why we have to have a good relationship with our bookers and agents, because they are the ones who help us get through the toughest moments and schedules. Communication is very important.

Do you have some fun experience from work/ casting?
It would be hard to chose one, because so far I’ve been lucky enough to work with awesome teams, so I always manage to get along with everyone on set. We have so much fun that most of the times it doesn’t feel like working at all.

photo by Adrian Nina, courtesy of Balint Nemes

So far, what do you prefer – Photoshoots of runway?
Photoshoots, hands down! I love being connected to people, and that’s exactly what happens on photoshoots. You spend the entire day together with the team and clients, influencing each other, and at the end, you create someting amazing, in which you really had your part.

How do you keep yourself model ready? (nutrition, excercises, beauty regimen…etc.)
Obviously, I always have to watch what I’m eating – basically that means low carb diet. But when I really need to be in perfect shape, as in fashion week season, asparagus diet is the most effective thing I’ve ever tried.

What is your greatest aspiration in modeling career?
To be a Victoria’s Secret Angel one day. For me, it’s magical.

photo by Nick Suarez, courtesy of Balint Nemes

Now, I have 5 random questions for you:

1) Which power ranger were you?
Shh, I still am.
2) Your biggest fear when you were a kid?
Causing nuclear radiation…I know, don’t ask…
3) What cheers you up?
The thought of summer nights.
4) Weirdest thing about you?
Oh boy, I have many. One of them is that I can’t stop pinching my lower lip while watching TV.
5) Your favorite TV show?
“Friends” is evergreen, but lately I’ve been watching “The Flash”, and it’s awesome!

Thanks for the interview, and much success in your future work!


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